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Slim Aarons - Getty Images "Sea Drive," January 1, 1967


George “Slim” Aarons, a WWII Army photographer, returned from the war with a mission of his own: to photograph, “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”  Slim’s iconic photographs, provide a rare glimpse into a golden age of wealth, privilege, beauty and leisure.

These exclusive archive images are printed on archival paper using water soluble, environmentally safe inks.

George Slim Aarons is a famous American photographer who is popular because of his exclusive photography of jet-setters, celebrities, and socialites. Once George Slim Aarons came back from the war. At that time, he made a goal and started to work on it. His goal was to take photographs of attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places. In the period of 1947 to 1993, this army photographer traveled the world and took classic photographs of major and minor starts of the day that are a symbol of glamour and charisma. The best Slim Aarons photography prints are available at Salisbury & Manus that offer a rare glimpse of beauty and wealth of a golden age.

Our exclusive Slim Aarons framed prints can take you back in the beautiful times of leisure and privilege. Because he always focused on the natural beauty of the subjects! 

Slim Aarons prints for sale at Salisbury & Manus are made on archival papers with eco-friendly inks on them. They are not only framed but are ready to hang as well. Here, we are providing premium-quality Slim Aarons framed prints – all are authorized by the Getty Images Gallery, London. The dimensions of the frame of iconic Slim Aarons photography prints is 59.5" x 43.5". The best thing is Slim Aarons prints for sale which are signed by Slim Aarons are also available at our store.

Frame is custom made

Dimensions: 59.5" x 43.5"

Frame: 3787