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Floor Lamps from Salisbury & Manus.

Planning to make your space inviting and appealing with floor lamps? Have a look at the incredible collection of floor lamps at Salisbury & Manus!

Our floor lamps can enhance the beauty of any room or professional environment. They are not only easy to move around but are perfect for people who want to have a light of a lamp while sitting on a chair or working at a desk.

At Salisbury & Manus, we offer a complete selection of antique brass floor lamps and articulating floor lamps with thousands of designs. Our floor lamps are an ideal choice if you want to get adequate lighting in dim corners of the room. Plus, they do not take too much space on the floors or tabletops.

Our exciting line of articulating floor lamps are made of antique brass as well as polished nickel finishes. With sleek and modern designs, our versatile antique brass floor lamps can create a warm and intimate personalized space. They feature smart details as they can illuminate a room with ambient lighting and can also act as your dim companion for reading.

Salisbury & Manus has a world of style in the store for you. So, give us a chance and let our floor lamps customize the experience in a way that is ideally yours!