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Lamps from Salisbury & Manus.

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Bringing light to your life is easier when you have the right lamp by your side. Thanks to Salisbury and Manus for stocking up the amazing Visual Comfort Lamps that can illuminate your space while accenting the décor of your home, making your space aesthetically pleasing. 

Go ahead, add a unique spin to your home décor and lighting with our Visual Comfort Crystal Lamps, and take your room to the next level of awesomeness. Explore our range to find the perfect table lamp for you. Here are a few tips to help you find the right Visual Comfort Lamp for your home:

·If you love being creative, then starting with the lamp shape is the right way to go about it. From hourglass to novelty to spherical, you will find all these shapes in our Visual Comfort Lamp range. So, decide on the shape you want. 

·Next, decide the style that would go perfectly with your home décor. Whether your theme is rustic and vintage, or contemporary and chic, you will find a suitable lamp here at Salisbury and Manus. 

·Next, choose the colors that will complement your décor and setting. Choosing the right color of the lamps is crucial as it sets the tone for your room. Decide whether you want a lamp that blends in well with your room or you need it to stand out. Depending on your preference, choose the right colored Visual Comfort Crystal Lamp, and your room will be set.

·Finally, decide the intensity of the light you want and choose the bulbs of your lamps accordingly.