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Want to add a sophisticated and elegant detail to your bedroom or living room? Our dark metal tones, minimalistic designs, flashy wood finishes – all will reflect your unique style!

The chest of drawers available at Salisbury & Manus can make your bedroom and living room more beautiful. Our collection of chest of drawers is not only finished in dark-stained wood but also comes with an antique coat of paint to add a vintage look to your room. You will love our navy chest of drawers as there is a color and finish for everyone at Salisbury & Manus. They will create a perfect harmony with the rest of your room.  

When it comes to the chest of drawers, there are many styles to choose from. Whether it is a traditional variety with wood tones or an espresso finish with silver drawer handles, Salisbury & Manus has got everything covered for you. Here, the extra-large chest of drawers is equipped with glamorous handles. They come with plenty of drawer combinations in a variety of richly-grained wood and colors so that they can match your existing furniture.

Protect your treasuries and precious belongings very gently with our chest of drawers!

By getting our exclusive pieces of the navy chest of drawers and extra-large chest of drawers, you will wonder how you got on without them!