Salisbury & Manus


Style, fabric and finishing combine to make all the difference in a lampshade. Our silk shades use the best dupioni, shantung, and shalini silks available. Get a glimpse of But once you touch and feel our silk shades, you'll know our quality is the real deal. 

Our Lampshades are handcrafted using traditional, labor intensive manufacturing techniques using fine fabrics, 11 gauge copper fittings, sturdy backings and the fullest pleats possible. Each pleat is meticulously folded for optimal contrast. All shades are self-trimmed with applied ¼” bands, top and bottom.

6" top x12" bottom x 8" slant
7" top x14" bottom x 9" slant
8" top x16" bottom x 10" slant
9" top x18" bottom x 11" slant
10" top x20" bottom x 12" slant