Caswell & Massey


Our generous, fluffy shave brush is handmade in England and given a polished chrome, ribbed handle for a secure grip. Using cruelty-free, synthetic bristles, our shave brush improves your shave in several critically important ways. First, the fine bristles create a warm, frothy lather by whipping air into your shaving soap or cream, and a rich lather is required to properly lubricate and protect skin by reducing razor drag. Additionally, when applying the lather to skin, the movement of the bristles across the skin helps to lift and separate hair in preparation for a clean shave. In contrast, finger application tends to flatten hairs against the skin which prevents the shaving soap or cream from penetrating deep enough to soften all hairs. Lastly, the circular movement of the shave brush acts to exfoliate skin by removing dead skin cells and dirt from pores, which greatly reduce skin irritation, razor burn, and infection.



  1. Wet brush bristles with warm water, careful to saturate all bristles
  2. Apply small amount of shave cream directly to tip of brush or rotate brush in a circular motion on top of shave soap or shave cream jar
  3. Apply lather to face using a circular, scrubbing motion
  4. To care and store your brush, rinse thoroughly with hot water and store brush down