February 03, 2021

Custom headboard and decorative pillow 

@TraversNewYork was inspired


by the iconic "Chiclets" chewing gum.

Our original design was placed in our client's home over 13 years ago.


When our clients moved to another home the "Chiclets" headboard was packed, shipped and placed in their daughter's bedroom adorned with monogrammed @Matouklinens. 

Our clients often ask us if their fabric choices will hold up over time.  It's a great question and here is our experience:  The gestation period for quality fabrics is usually 7-10 years.  A helpful tip: vacuum upholstery and headboards once a week.  Dust particles from the air land on soft surfaces.  These particles build up over time creating blemishes.  The more you vacuum the less build up and voila 13 years later investment well spent!

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